Saturday, 9 April 2011

Well, HELLO Sunshine!

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What an absolutely spectacular day today was! The sun was shining and it was finally warm enough for t-shirts in this fabulous city of ours.  All the doors and windows were wide open all day to finally air out this stuffy house. Hopefully what has been making everyone sick around here decided it was nicer outside, too. The boys love playing outside and had so much fun playing in the backyard. Even the dog couldn't resist! My husbands brother came over with his wife and daughter. As some of you know, my niece, Ava, is my little princess and the only girl I will ever have. I spoil her like nobody's business!! It was such a pleasure to have them today. Isaac and Gavin are always so excited to play with Sarah and with Ava. They took pretty good care of their cousin though sometimes they can be a bit rough. She is turning 2 tomorrow and I'm super excited for her birthday party! I got her the most adorable outfit and some toys and a princess netting for her bedroom.  I can't wait for her to open her presents. Today was perfect. We even got to BBQ in the backyard. Right now, Kirk and his father are putting together a deck for the backyard so that we can put our new gazebo on top of it. I can't wait for it to be finished so I can sit outside any time of the day with a little piece of shade to enjoy! It's gonna be blissful!

Anyway, I hear a bathtub calling my name. My sister in law brought me over a bath bomb from LUSH (my fav) and I can't wait any longer to use it!! See you again soon!

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