Friday, 8 April 2011

The Last 24 hours have been....interesting.

As you may remember, two weeks ago Gavin was pretty sick. He was feverish every night and threw up quite a bit over a week long period. One day he not only threw up all over himself, but all over Mommy, too. YUCK! But for the last week or so he has been feeling fine and hasn't thrown up once.  Mommy was satisfied that Gavin was on the mend. Thank goodness cuz I was getting tired of changing sheets! But then something weird happened last night. After dinner Gavin told me he was going to throw up....he didn' I ignored it.  In the middle of the night, though, he woke up, whined and threw up everywhere. Guess he wasn't lying after all.  Today he seemed fine, but then he threw up after the movie (we'll get to that later). I wouldn't mind the puking so much but, damn am I tired of rinsing off chunks from sheets before washing! I don't know what is making him so sick. Is it just a flu bug? or is it something more serious? When we took him to the doctor, they didn't seem to worried, but I just wish the puking would stop!

Today, was my weekly visit with my therapist, who I must please in order to be allowed back at work. I don't know what they are so afraid of! LOL.  She chastised me greatly for not following thru with my sleep hygiene and having such a poor week last week.  She chastised me greatly for drinking so much wine last week (I blame Miguel). Then she chastised me greatly for not getting out of the house enough lately. She did say I was doing my homework right though....she does approve!  Overall, today was a bit disappointing in the therapy department.

Positive for today though: we took the kids to see HOP! Taking two boys ages 3 and 5 to a movie is an exercise in patience, that's for sure.  They do NOT want to sit still for two hours, not even for an adorable movie! They enjoy the popcorn and pop part tremendously, though. Isaac ate almost a whole bag of gummy bears which probably didn't help with the sitting still part.  I try and fight them and make them sit still, but then I can't enjoy the movie at all.  So I let them run around a little bit.  During the songs and music, Isaac got up and did a little dance...I didn't fight him on that either even though it was so embarrassing! Do your kids sit still for a movie in the theatre? Most of the other kids sat for the movie, though there was always a bit of talking.  I don't know what to do. Do I fight them and waste the money or do I let them walk around a bit and enjoy the experience??

The movie itself was pretty good. EB (that's this bunny's name), as you may or may not know, is voiced by my favourite Russell Brand so, of course, that made it that much more adorable (that was a long sentence! WHEW). And I have to say that when EB pooped jelly beans for Fred O'Hare, I giggled like a school girl!  It's definitely a cute movie, though I think my two boys are still a little young for the theatre. They just can't seem to keep it together that long! But I would definitely recommend it as a cute Easter movie and I'll be buying it when it comes to DVD. 

Overall, I'd say we had an OK day. It was so beautiful outside so we spend a great deal of time in the backyard. This weekend is supposed to be nice so there will be pictures, pictures, pictures come Monday! See you then!


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