Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sh#T my Mother In Law Says

Well, hello, again! I hope you're having a wonderful night.  I'm having a very relaxing evening, catching up on television I've missed, hanging out with the family. Since I'm feeling so relaxed and happy, I thought I'd share some funny times I've had with my hilarious MIL, Debbie. 

Yesterday, she called me a 'fat bastard'. There are so many reasons why this is funny. It's funny in and of itself because it's so rude, yet totally something she would say and not realize that it might be hurtful. She said it because 7 years ago, I bought her a bottle of wine as a gift. Kirk and I had just started dating and I knew she liked wine. I was bringing her a bottle, but I know next to nothing about wine. So while perusing the wine aisles at the liquor store, I came upon a bottle called Fat Bastard.  It is Shiraz made in France. I got it totally for the name, not knowing if the wine would taste like crap or not.  We all joked that night that I was calling her a fat bastard and we all had a good laugh.  She brought it up again today as a little inside joke and we all had a good giggle again!

Debbie really is as funny as I say she is. I hope thru this blog segment you'll see it and agree she's got a sense of humour alright. Even if she doesn't know it!!

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