Thursday, 14 April 2011

I like to catch 'em!

I'm a camera happy Mom, I admit it.  When my babies were babies I took a million pictures of them. Now that they are older, it's harder to take as many pictures. Mostly because they have me so busy I can barely remember my own name, let alone remember to grab the camera. And damned if that camera isn't in a different place every time I race to find it! So, the pictures are getting farther and farther between.

this is one of my favourite because, yes, he is asleep in his rocking chair!
  My absolute favourite thing to take a picture of is my boys sleeping. There is just something about their peaceful little bodies asleep that fills me with happiness. Maybe it's because when they are awake, they are filled with so much energy that I can't believe it is ever contained in a nap! When they do finally lay still long enough to nap, I absolutely have to catch it on camera.

I still catch Gavin napping all the time.  He turned 3 in December, but he's still a wee little guy and he has a hard time keeping up with his older brother. So every few days, he will pass out wherever he is. Even today when Kirk and I got home from a quick shopping trip, Gavin was asleep on the chair.

Anyway, I wanted to do a quick post, heavy with pictures of my sweet little men fast asleep!  I hope you don't mind....admit don't mind....cuz they're so damn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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