Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The 30 Day Challenge!

Afternoon, all!  I thought I would sneak in here for a quick little post to add to our 30 Day Challenge! My little guy is asleep and the older is watching Barney. Ugh I dislike Barney greatly, but it keeps him entertained.

Day 01 — A recent picture and 15 facts about you

Day 02 — Favourite movies

For today's challenge, I'm going to let you in on a few of my favourite movies. It's hard to say which is my all time favourite. If I had to pick one I'd think I'd go with Fight Club. I found it sarcastically hilarious and captivating.

I like movies that are funny and sarcastic like The Vampire's Apprentice and Zombieland. I'm a sucker for a rom-com, too. I like Clueless, The Wedding Planner and my all time fav is Notting Hill.

Recently, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed Avatar. Some people said they disliked it because of the repetitive storyline, but I just loved it. Visually, it was spectacular and I was enthralled thru all three hours of it. And who can resist Sam Worthington!!!

I also really enjoyed the Lord of the Rings series, Harry Potter series and the Twilight movies. Mostly because I loved the books as well, but the movies were all spectacular!

I'm a sucker for a good looking guy in a movie. I liked the Matrix because of Keanu, I am Number Four because of Timothy, and Legion because of Paul.  What can I say? I'm shallow!!!

That's it for today. Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow!!!

Day 03 — Favourite TV shows
Day 04 — Favourite books
Day 05 — Favourite quotes
Day 06 — Favourite songs
Day 07 — The meaning behind your blog name
Day 08 — Cravings
Day 09 — Pet peeves
Day 10 — A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 — Nicknames you have and why
Day 12 — Something you bought recently
Day 13 — Something you want to buy
Day 14 — Things you love
Day 15 — Your celebrity crush
Day 16 — A favourite food
Day 17 — A photo of your family
Day 18 — What you like best about each member of your family
Day 19 — A fun memory
Day 20 — A hobby of yours
Day 21 — Your fears
Day 22 — Your current relationship
Day 23 — A letter to your parents
Day 24 — About your childhood
Day 25 — A favourite photo
Day 26 — Who do you admire and inspire
Day 27 — What’s in your bag?
Day 28 — A place you love
Day 29 — A person you love
Day 30 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the future

Monday, 30 May 2011

30 Day Challenge

Hello, my little Lovelies! How are you doing today?? The sun is shining here in Ottawa and I'm loving every minute of it...although this second I am hiding in the air conditioning. I'm sitting next to the window though!! 

I haven't really worried about running out of things to blog about just yet, but I saw this and I thought I would give it a try. We all know how much I love to talk about myself! And this is the perfect challenge to use to talk about myself some more. Aren't you a lucky little reader!!!

Day 01 — A recent picture and 15 facts about you

1. This is a pic of me doing my favourite thing...reading!
2. I feel like I've done a "facts" thing like this a hundred times since I started blogging.
3. My 6th wedding anniversary is this weekend. I am very blessed to have married my best friend.
4. I have strange taste in movies. My favs include Zombieland, Fight Club and The Vampires Apprentice.
5. My favourite author is Kurt Vonnegut. In the pic above I'm reading his sons' book.
6. I am turning 36 in two weeks.
7. I return to work next week after being off for almost a year. No, I didn't have a baby!
8. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder and sometimes it defines me.
9. My father passed away almost a year ago. I miss him terribly.
10. I'm a University graduate though I haven't used my degree for anything yet.
11. I truly hope Karma is the bitch everyone says she is!
12. I'm on Facebook every day. Several times a day. Sometimes several times an hour.
13. I'm a Christian but I rarely go to church anymore. I miss it.
14. I like scary movies, but I curse my husband when we're in the theatre watching one.
15. I sleep with a fan on every night.

There we go! Day number one taken care of.  I can't promise to do this every single day for the next 30 days as I am going back to work next week. But I will do my best, I promise!!!

Day 02 — Favourite movies
Day 03 — Favourite TV shows
Day 04 — Favourite books
Day 05 — Favourite quotes
Day 06 — Favourite songs
Day 07 — The meaning behind your blog name
Day 08 — Cravings
Day 09 — Pet peeves
Day 10 — A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 — Nicknames you have and why
Day 12 — Something you bought recently
Day 13 — Something you want to buy
Day 14 — Things you love
Day 15 — Your celebrity crush
Day 16 — A favourite food
Day 17 — A photo of your family
Day 18 — What you like best about each member of your family
Day 19 — A fun memory
Day 20 — A hobby of yours
Day 21 — Your fears
Day 22 — Your current relationship
Day 23 — A letter to your parents
Day 24 — About your childhood
Day 25 — A favourite photo
Day 26 — Who do you admire and inspire
Day 27 — What’s in your bag?
Day 28 — A place you love
Day 29 — A person you love
Day 30 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the future

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!!!!! Again, I rock!

Versatile Blogger Award

I got a blog award from Catrina at Frugal Fun Challenge! Thanks, Catrina! You can check out her blog at

Here's my beautiful award!

Here are the official rules:

•Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

•Tell your readers seven (7) things about you.

•Give this award to fifteen (15) recently discovered bloggers.

•Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news.

So readers! As part of the rules of this lovely award, I must tell you 7 things about myself.  For some of you long time readers (LOL, long as in two months!!), you may already know too much about me!  But here goes anyway!

     1. I go back to work next week. I have been off on "doctored ordered stress leave" for almost a year.
     2. I'm a ferocious reader! I go thru a book every three weeks. I prefer nonfiction; biographies especially.
     3. I also love watching movies. I think Fight Club is my favourite, but it changes from time to time.
     4. Next weekend will be my 6th wedding anniversary!  Yeah for me and hubby!!
     5. I'm glad my 2 boys are close in age but sometimes it can feel like hell on earth! Whew, they can be a lot of work!!
     6. Although I am terrified of the open ocean, I love snorkelling! 
     7. I really love the show Big Bang Theory. Hilarious!

There ya go!! Now, here is the list of 15 blogs that I've recently checked out and think you should check out, too!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Depression and Alcohol

When you're young, and I'm talking in your 20's sometime, drinking is awesome!! Drinking is the fun that you can have without your parents permission. Hell, I had my parents permission!! LOL. My Mom had this rule that it was ok to drink as long as she knew about it and we were safe about it. So at the tender age of 16, I was at local bars, having my share of a few and a great time was had by all. As I got older, drinking was the thing you did at bars, social events. I was more fun when I drank. I was a better dart and pool player. Hell, I was one hell of a poker player while I was drinking!  I'm a little bit shy so when I drank I was able to talk to anyone, do anything! I was invincible!  There was nothing else like it. I never really thought about why I did it or what the consequences of it were, I just did it. I never thought about where my alcoholism came from or what addiction meant. I drank when I wanted to and I loved it~
    It wasn't until drugs came into my life at the tender age of 35,  that I began to realize that "substances" were a problem for me. I never realized that "addiction" was a part of my life.  I never thought I had a problem. Ever.  Then one day, my therapist insisted that I give up drinking and drugs and I began to realize that I might have an issue. And to be honest, I don't believe there was ever an major issue that I had to actually worry about. I just woke up one day and said to myself, "if you keep this up the way that you are, you are going to have a major issue! One that will require outside help; AA and all that shit!"  I didn't want outside help. I didn't want to admit to other human beings that I might have an issue. So I wanted to give up everything on my own.  I wanted to do this without help.
     Kathleen (the greatest therapist of all time) suggested that alcohol become a social drink only. That I only drink when there are other people around.  The only time I am allowed to have a "frosty beverage" of any kind is when there is a social even of some kind. I am no longer allowed to drink at home by myself or with my immediate family. The only time "beverages" are allowed is when there is a social get together of some kind.
     Tonight my brother in law and his wife came over. This constitutes a social event!!  Woohoo!! It means that I am allowed to have a few drinks! You have no idea how excited I am about this endeavour!  Tonight was a brilliant night of a few drinks along with my in laws. I got to watch a movie (I am Number 4), have a few drinks, eat a wonderful meal cooked by my BIL and have a pleasant night. When I get to have a few drinks now, it is a blissful thing. It is something to be celebrated!!  It is no longer a "everyday knead thing" which means I enjoy it more and it is no longer a crutch for me!
      Anyway, it's been a nice Saturday night shared with all of you. Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fridays are so BUSY!

Hello Ladies (and a few Gentlemen!!)

Fridays are always so busy. I'm in a desperate race for more followers because I'm needy! And Fridays are the busiest day for blog hops! YEAH ME! Check 'em out if you'd like!!


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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sleep Hygiene

I hate feeling helpless. Who doesn't? With Major Depressive Disorder, it is easy to sometimes feel...well...depressed about my condition. I hate feeling like I have no say over this disorder and what it does to my life. I'm constantly on the prowl for ways to help improve my life. It isn't always easy! Sometimes I really don't feel like doing anything and it can be real easy to mope around and feel sorry for myself! But there are some things that I can do that can help a little.  And these things can help anyone feel a little better every single day!!

My therapist suggested I practice some sleep hygiene as a part of my therapy.  If you search sleepy hygiene on the internet, you will see a great deal of information about the things you can do to improve your sleep. I'm going to give you my TOP 4 of the things I do that really truly help me feel more energized during the day.

#1. Rise at the same time every day.
      This isn't always easy. What's easy is sleeping in every single day. Yup, that's definitely the easy thing to do. Especially when you are used to sleeping in every day, getting up early can seem impossible. So I started slowly. I was used to getting up at 10am everyday, so the first day, I got up at  9:30.  I tried that for a week until I got 'used' to it. Then switched to 9:00 for a week. Then 8:30, 8:00, etc. I did this until I was getting up at chosen time.  For me, I want to be awake everyday by 7:00.  Seven is good because it gives me lots of time to get the boys up, dressed and off to school and daycare. It's also a good prep for when I go back to work. I will be getting up at 6:30 and there is a huge difference between 6:30 and 10am!! Yikes! 
     I know I said this before, but this part isn't easy. You really have to push yourself to get up early every day, especially if you're not used to it! But if I can do this, then you can do it, too!!

#2. I Never lie awake in bed.
     Initially, it can take me up to 30 minutes to fall asleep and I give myself this time. But during the night, if I awaken and can't fall back to sleep, I get out of bed and do something else. I do something that isn't too stimulating like read a book or do some writing.  I do NOT play video games or watch tv. I do NOT turn on the lights unless absolutely necessary. I do something for 20 minutes to half an hour; until I feel sleepy again. Then I try and go back to bed. I give myself only10-15 minutes to fall back to sleep. If I can't, then I get right back outta bed again!  My therapist suggested this idea and it truly has worked like a charm for me. I had begun to see my bed as a torture chamber. I was so used to tossing and turning all night that I associated my bed with being awake, not being asleep. Now that I never lie awake in bed, it takes no time to fall asleep initially or fall back to sleep if I wake up. Just perfect!!

#3.  I (try) to never nap during the day.
     This one was really hard, too! Sleep begets sleep (as the saying for baby goes). The more I slept in, the more tired I was and the more I wanted to nap. It was getting to the point where I was napping any day that my kids weren't here. I was hardly awake anymore!! So getting rid of the napping was difficult, to say the least. Add to this the fact that I am now waking up earlier than I'm used to, it has made for one cranky Mommy! And the therapist warned me of the crankiness. But it's just crankiness, right? Hell, I'm used to being cranky so what's the harm in a little more!  And after a few weeks, I hardly noticed the missing naps because I was sleeping so much better at night anyway.  Instead of getting all my good sleep during the day, I was getting it at night when it was better!
     This one doesn't have to be so strict. There was one week when my youngest was up all night puking. Those few days, I napped during the day because I was exhausted!  But when he got better, I went back to the not napping. And it has really helped me get some proper sleep at night.

#4. Take the TV out of your room.
    Oooh, I know!! That one can really be a crapper for some people. I was never a huge one for having a tv in my room, but my husband really liked having that tv in there so he could watch movies before bed. But Kathleen (the worlds greatest therapist) said that beds are for two things and two things only....sleeping and sex! That's it! That's all!!  So I not only took the tv out, but I stopped reading in bed as well! I read in a chair next to the bed before bed instead!

There! My Top 4 sleep hygiene suggestions to help you get some proper sleep! For me, insomnia was killing me slowly. I was miserable. And making these changes was far from simple and easy. It was damn hard!!  And I am FAR from perfect. In fact, these past two weeks or so, I have been down right miserable. I have been sleeping in til 8-8:30 at least three or four times a week! Ugh!!! But I decided to come in here and write this out as a sort of push for me! I have to get back into these great habits so that I can get some great sleep at night and be a more energized Mommy during the day!!  Especially since I only have two more weeks before I go back to work!

Love and Luck to all of you checking me out......LOL, Perverts!! 


What do you think of the new look of my blog??? Isn't it pretty!?

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Jodi from who has presented me with this beautiful layout and buttons! This is the second prize I've won since starting blogging and this is by far, the best looking blog I've seen.....I'm biased, but I love it!!!!!

NOw all I gotta do is figure out how to put her button on my page somewhere......LOL.

Monday, 23 May 2011


Oooh, have I got exciting stuff for you today!! Sorry I was gone so long. You must've missed me terribly!

I went to visit my mother this long weekend.  I live in Ottawa and my mother (and my stepDad) live in Burlington. Both my brothers live there as well, so that meant lots of visiting!

So what was so exciting about this weekend? Firstly, I got to go wedding dress shopping! My brother John got engaged at Christmas time to his wonderful girlfriend Caitie. I recently discovered the girl had not been dress shopping yet. Can you say tragedy?!!  I would gladly put up some pictures but I have this huge fear that my brother will sneak in here and check it out. Hell No!  Let's just say Caitie makes a beautiful bride and I can't wait til the big day.  They're gonna get married in the Fall of 2012 and she's asked me to be one of her bride's maids!! WICKED!! I can't wait!!

On Sunday, my baby brother (he's 27) took me to Dundurn Castle in Hamilton. It was a nice little tour! Here's some pics....

It's really not a castle, more of a huge house. But the inside was pretty sweet. Sorry, no pics allowed inside!

Then he took me to the movies and we saw Pirates of the Caribbean.

I don't wanna ruin it for anyone. All I'm gonna say is that I didn't like it as much as the other ones, but that it was ok.

And, the last awesome part of the weekend, one of my best friends got engaged!!! She was sort of expecting it, but I'm just so damn happy for her!! We're getting together sometime soon and I can't wait to give her a big hug!

So that was my exciting weekend. I love long weekends! How was your weekend?

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Yup, I think that's all I need to say tonight.  Nighty Nite!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I Have A Question....

I have a question for all you Mommy's (or Daddy's) out there??  How is your bedtime routine? Do you kids go to bed without a fuss? What do you have to do to get them to go to bed? Do your kids get up a million times? What time do they go to bed?

Ok, so that's more than one question. I have two boys, ages 3 and 5.  They have a bed time routine: bathroom time, pj's, then we read for 15 minutes or so. Hugs and kisses, lights out.  I do each boy separately so they each get some Mommy time before bed.

And then my nightmare begins! They get outta bed a million times. Or they stay up and play in their rooms for an hour or two. They can be loud.

Am I asking too much? They Usually stay upstairs so they're not too much trouble.  They can be a little bit loud sometimes but it could be worse, I guess.

Or am I being too lenient? Should I be somehow forcing them to stay in their rooms? And not play with each other? They are close enough in age that they like to play with each other... A LOT!  I am happy about that and I've always encouraged that. But I guess I could stay up there a bit more and be a big bully. Ugh!

What do you think??

Daycare Blues!

My husband and I are enduring one of the horrible aspects of parenthood right now...finding suitable daycare!  When my first son was born, my MIL quit her job to take care of him. But when our second came along, the two kids proved to be too much for dear ol' Granny. So we went on the hunt for a daycare. Here in Ottawa, daycare doesn't come cheap!! For two kids full time in a public daycare centre costs up to $2000/month! Can you believe it. Sometimes more than that!! It's just so much money!!! So we've had to go with privately run in-home daycares to be able to afford it.

Anyway, we have a daycare right now but I'm just not impressed with her. So here we are, yet again, trying desperately to find a daycare provider to take care of our two little men! It's so stressful! I'm freaking out most of the day, worrying about IF we'll find someone, WHEN will we find someone, HOW MUCH will said someone be, IF that someone will take our part time rather than full time, and WILL this person make me feel comfortable! That's my biggest concern. These are my babies!! I can't leave them with just anyone!!

Ugh. So freaking out right now!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Blog Hoppin' Madness

I'm in a race to 300!  It's my goal to be there by the end of the week, but I need your help!! 
I'm a desperate woman right now!

Here are the blog hops I'm checking on for Tuesday...I'm a busy gal, what can I say!

The Adventures of My Family of 8 Tuesday Blog Hop



Saturday, 14 May 2011

It's Official!

I'm officially going back to work!

I have been off work now for 10 months.  After my father passed away on July 14th, 2010, I was unable to return to work. Most people just assume it's because I was close to my father and terribly upset at his passing. I let people think that because I don't normally like to discuss my personal issues with just anyone. The truth is that although I loved my father very much, we weren't as close as I would've liked.  And the real truth is I have suffered with depression for years and that's what's kept me from work. Truth being that when my friend Donna was murdered in late 2009, I went spiralling downhill mentally. I was doing terribly at work and life was a mess at home. When my Dad died, that was the straw that broke the camels back, as the saying goes.  I couldn't deal with real life anymore. So my psychiatrist, who had been nagging me to take some time off work, signed all the right paperwork and I was put on short term disability.  And I've been sitting at home ever since, hoping I'll get better.

One thing I've learned about my depression this time around is that medication just doesn't do it for me. Don't get me wrong. I'm medicated to the hilt every single day. But I wasn't getting any better on medication alone. So when my insurance provider offered to find me a therapist, I jumped at the chance.  Her name is Kathleen and she's fabulous. She doesn't put up with my bullshit excuses, which I really need. I don't always like her when I leave her sessions, but she's good for me nonetheless.

Another thing I've learned about my MMD is that I do have some control over how much if affects me. I have to put in some effort every single day if I'm to get thru it. The first few months of disability I did a whole lot of nothing. I used my grief as my excuse to mope about. After awhile I began to see that, without my effort, I was going to stay in this rut forever! Not so great when you have a loving husband and two wonderful children who need you tremendously. So I had to put in some effort to get my sorry, fat arse outta the gutter.

And now, here we are. Ten months later and I am finally going back to work. I'm super excited, actually.  If I sit at home much longer, I'm afraid my big butt won't be able to get off the couch. Not only have I gained 30 pounds (that's right, I said 30!), but I'm so outta shape that it's ridiculous. I can't even bike around the block without dying of a stroke. At least at work I am on my feet all day long and I don't have time to eat.

I'm not only looking forward to the weight loss that I know is inevitable, but I also can't wait for the adult conversations; the human interactions everyday!  Oh bliss. All I ever talk about right now is what I watched on tv the night before and what chores I did during the day to keep busy. I got to get outta this house! I'm going insane! I mean, really, really insane!

So on June 6th, this crazy lady is finally heading back to work. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Got Sucked In To American Idol

I admit that I'm not much of an American Idol fan. In past years I have tried to watch it, but I get bored after the first few weeks.  This time around was really no exception. The only problem is that my inlaws live with us and my mother-in-law (God love her) is a big American Idol/Dancing With The Stars fan. So every week I'm stuck watching these shows that I wouldn't normally watch. At first I was kinda bitter. "This is such dribble", I would think to myself. But now these shows are getting down to the bottom three and I find myself a little bit excited to watch who gets kicked off every week! 

So who's it gonna be this week???  Personally, I think it's gonna be the.....I don't know her name...the youngest girl.....Lauren I think. I'm not saying that's the way it should be, I'm just saying that's my prediction. I'm totally gunning for Scotty. He's just too damn cute!

That's Nancy's American Idol's roundup for tonight! Ha!  A non-fan giving her two cents!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tulips! I love Tulips!

The Tulip Festival has begun in Ottawa!!  Get ready for some pics!!!

I just love this pic of my man and our boys!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Miss mE?

Did you Miss me??

My husband says to me today, "I follow this wonderful blog, but there hasn't been any new updates in such a long time." Yeesh.  He's so pushy!

It's been a long few days, I know. We've been busy.  Greatest Mother's Day gift EVER....check it out!
I cried a little when he gave this to me, even if it is in French.

Another great Mother's Day gift? I got to spend some of it with my own
mother!!  I'm greatful every day that I can still pick up the phone everyday and call my mother.  This is my Mom and I in 1996.
Look at that hair!!

So this family went to visit Oma and Opa Mike for this Mother's Day weekend and had a wonderful time. The boys particularly like Oma's because there is a park right outside her back door and they can play there whenever they want! Awesome. And they get to spend time with Uncle Tim, Uncle John and especially Aunt Caitie.  My boys have a love affair with their aunts and Aunt Caitie is no exception. That's all I heard about on the way there. "Is Aunt Caitie gonna be there? Are we gonna see Aunt Caitie? Can we play with Aunt Caitie?" Oi! They can be persistant!!  But they got to see Aunt Caitie so I didn't have to hear about it as much on the way home as I did on the way there!

I did get to hear a new expression this time around, "How come this drive is taking forever?" We're got this drive to Oma's down to a science. If you do it right it only take 4.5 hours, even with two quick stops! But to a 3 and 5 year old, that is forever!

Anyway, Ladies and Gentlemen. This Momma is now exhausted and suffering from a cold that she is pretty sure originated with Uncle Timmy. I will be back in this week, promise.  We will be doing some lovely gardening this week and I will post some pics of the progress! Can't wait to see you then!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cursed May 4th

I try not to let this day be all doom and gloom. A wise, old man once said, "Nanc, don't let it be all depressing. She would hate that".

When I was 15 years old, I met the most amazing woman. Her name was Jeannie but I always called her Bean.  We were the best of friends for the better part of two decades.  She passed away May 4th, 2008 from a rare form of liver cancer. I miss her every single day.

BUT, I try and follow the old mans advice and make May 4th a mini celebration of her life. First thing I do is sleep in...cuz I can. Hubs always makes sure the kids are taken care of on this special day so that I can do whatever I need to to make it thru.  After breakfast I go to the cemetary. I bring her flowers cuz she loved flowers. Her favourite colour was purple so I do my best.  Last year I planted some "pink grass" near her grave stone and I wanna see if it survived! (Don't tell her Dad...I think he still takes care of that cemetary!). If the weather is nice I would stay there awhile, but I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow. So we won't dwell at the cemetary.  After such a depressing time, one must treat themselves. And what better way to treat yourself than Dairy Queen.

Bean and I used to go to DQ all the time. For awhile she lived on Albion Rd, which had a DQ on the corner. I think I gained 10lbs that year!  After DQ, I will come home and watch her favourite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.
Although it isn't my favourite, I still watch it every year cuz she loved it so much. Whenever Bean and I would suffer heart ache as teenagers (which was often) we would get together, eat a pint of ice cream and watch Disney movies all day.  It was tradition.  And I definitely don't want to break with tradition!!

That will be the end of my day. For the rest of the time I will mope around, feeling mostly sorry for myself.  I have been blessed with a number of really awesome friends in my life. The Lord has seen fit to take away a few of them but I try not to be bitter. He does know best, afterall. I am forever grateful that I had Jeannie in my life for as long as I did. She was a fantastic person, a great friend, a wonderful mother and wife. She knew me better than anyone ever could and always knew exactly what to say. I miss her terribly but I am thankful for the time that we did have!

Here's to you, Beaners!  The BESTEST!

The hair still makes me giggle!

high school graduation

After she confirmed she was preggers with Reyanne

Bean and I on her wedding day.

Jeannie and I on my wedding Day

Monday, 2 May 2011

Fun Few Days

Hello! Welcome to my world once again!  I hope you're having a fantastic week. My hubs is on holiday this week so we will be doing a big of travelling around the city! Yesterday we took the boys fishing for the first time at Thistle Springs Trout Farm.( This is the first time we've taken the boys fishing. I'm not sure how they felt overall about the experience. I don't know how I felt about it, to be honest. But here's some pics anyway! LOL.

This is Gavin feeding the fish instead of catching them. He really enjoyed this part.

This is one of the few pics with Isaac in it because he pretty much stayed at the park the whole time! Guess he's not to keen on fishing just yet.

Today was a brand new day and we took the boys to St.Alberts cheese factory. They got to watch cheese curds being stirred (exciting, I know) and then we took them out for a cone at DQ (YUM).  The weather wasn't nearly as nice today as it was yesterday.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better!  See you again soon!