Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Travelling is Tuesday, right?

Well, hello! Once again we find ourselves together on a Tuesday. It is a rainy day here in my fair city so the travelling had to be mostly indoors.  First thing I did today was drive my husband to the airport. He is attending a 'thing' in Florida for the next three days (lucky bugger!) so I will be at home alone with the little beasties (my two boys!). I'm kinda excited to see how well things are going to go (see that positive thinking right there!??). On Friday I am supposed to go bring the boys to the airport to pick up that's the part that actually scares me.  Me and two very energetic boys in a very busy airport looking for Daddy. Yikes. Wish me luck on that one.

For travelling Tuesday, I have travelled to the library! That's right, I'm currently sitting in the Ottawa Public Library writing this beautiful blog post that you are sitting there reading! Wicked. Why am I at the library, you may ask? Well, believe it or not, I have a ton of homework to do. Hence, the blogging...LOL!!!  See, my therapist (God love her!) likes to give me homework.  Every week, she thinks of a new book that she thinks I should obtain and read "tidbits" from. That's how she described it. She calls them "useful little parenting nuggets". Ya, they're nuggets alright. So right now I am reading Mind Over Mood by Dennis Greenberger for therapy. That requires actual homework to be done with the reading. I am also reading How to Talk so your Kids will Listen by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. I've been reading this one for about three months now (yikes!). Three weeks ago she suggested that Kirk and I read 10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage by John Gottman. This book also has homework, but I'm liking this one. When Kirk and I do the "homework (get your mind outta the gutter!!), we go on 'dates' and have wonderful food and conversations. So that one's not so bad. Then two weeks ago, she told me that my kids are too whiney and I should get 1-2-3 Magic by Thomas Phelan.  She had some interesting advice about parenting that I had never thought about before and we decided to make some changes around the house. This book is supposed to help me discipline the boys when they are terribly unhappy about the changes (like no tv before school).
Last week she wanted me to get another book called The Canadian Paediatric Society Guide to Caring for your Child from Birth to Age Five. This book is supposed to help me be more realistic about what to expect from my children at their ages. Who knew I had unrealistic expectations?!!  I bought the magic book but I'm here at the library to get the paediatric society one. I think I've bought enough books already, thank you very much!
Now don't get me wrong. I often travel to the library because I love the atmosphere of reading in here (except this exact second because there is construction going on and it's annoying me).  But, in case you weren't keeping track, that's 5 books she has me reading at the same time! FIVE!! To get my little parenting "nuggets". I love reading. I always have. I think I get it from my mother who always had a book in her hand when I was growing up. And because I like reading, I occasionally like to read a book for personal pleasure (get your mind outta the gutter again!!!). So add to my 5 homework books, I am also reading ONE book just for me. I made a resolution this year that I would read one book a month. The one I'm reading right now (yes #12 and it's only April) is called "Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So" by Mark Vonnegut. Maybe you'll remember this from the '100 Things About Me' but my favourite book of all time is written by Kurt Vonnegut, Marks' father. When I saw that Mark had written a few books chronically his life with mental illness I almost lost my sh#t! Wicked! The son of one of my favourite authors and he suffers with mental illness just like me. We're SOUL MATES!! LMAO! Anyway, so that's my pleasure book. Here's the cover!

Anyway, enough about that nonsense.  So that's what I did with my travelling Tuesday this week. I travelled to the library to get caught up on five books of homework, read for myself, and come on in to say hello to all you fine people!!!  Now I am going to go home and come up with something more exciting to blog about tomorrow. What do you think? 

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