Friday, 22 April 2011

100 Things About Me....cont'd again.

51. We had our wedding photographer take a picture of us in the Staples downtown (in the pen aisle). Kirk and I met at Staples and we both still work there. I thought it was adorable!

52. I moved away from home at the tender age of 17. I often regret that.

53. I took typing in high school two years in a row. I can now type without watching the screen and rarely make mistakes.

54. I’ve been spelunking.

55. Since my fathers’ passing, I have seen, heard or read the name Jack or JP somewhere almost every day (does that make sense?). At first I found it a bit creepy, but now I find it comforting.

56. My favourite restaurant is Jack Astors (see above for comfort)

57. I’ve touched the Grey Cup and the Stanley Cup.

58. In the last year, I’ve been having a strange reaction to eating (and cooking) meat. Kirk is terrified that I’m becoming a vegetarian.

59. Fun fact: every time I eat, my nose runs. It’s weird.

60. I like to cross stitch. I find it calming.

61. I don’t like swimming in the ocean but I love snorkelling. Go figure!

62. I’ve pet a killer whale and a stingray (separate occasions, of course!)

63. I only use small spoons, never soup spoons. I think soup spoons are too big.

64. I love to travel. My favourite place is definitely Mexico. I like the Dominican but their hot dogs are weird.

65. I have been in one car accident as a passenger. No one was seriously injured.

66. I sometimes feel that Kirk is trying to keep me fat so I won’t leave. Silly man. He’s stuck with me for life, whether he likes it or not!

67. I must have ice in everything I drink (even wine).

68. I have 2 tattoos, one on my back and a butterfly on my ankle.

69. I’m a cat person.

70. I sleep with a fan on and a window open (unless we’re using the AC), 365 days a year. I hate sleeping when it’s too hot.

71. I won’t drink regular milk, only chocolate milk.

72. My favourite colour is pink!

73. I’m the “runt” in my family at 5’8. All my aunts, uncles and cousins are taller than me.

74. I wore pantaloons under my wedding dress so my legs wouldn’t be so sweaty. It worked like a charm!

75. I think an accent makes any man sexy.

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