Monday, 18 April 2011

100 Things About Me

Just for fun, I thought I would join in on a little challenge called  "100 things about me" with polos pearls and pacifiers ( I'll do it 25 at a time, cuz it's harder than it looks. Do you think you can do it?? TRY ME!

1. Yah, I'm gonna be 36, but you'd never know it!
2. My pinky toe nails are almost none existent. Weird, I know.
3. I've never broken a bone, though I have a nagging, reoccuring elbow injury (thanks Tara!). I'd never had stitches til I had my kids.
4. I have one brother, one half brother, one half sister and one step sister. But I call them all 'brother or sister' when talking about them. Who cares how I came about them.
5.  When I was younger I wanted to be a marine biologist. Then I went to MarineLand and realized I would have to get in the water with animals as big as buildings. No thank you!
6. My middle name is Ann-Marie...yes, it is hyphenated.
7. When I was five, I used to sneak my brother into bed with me and hide him under my stuffed toys.
8. I got married 10 days before my 30th birthday. I always told my Mom I'd be married before 30!
9. Before I had Gavin, I had never heard the term "Simian Line". (you know you're gonna go look it up now. Gavin has 2.)
10. One of my prized possessions is an Ottawa 67's jersey signed by Lance Galbraith...and you probably have no idea who that is.
11.  I am a furocious book reader. I especially love non-fiction; biographies are my favourite.
12. I never knew grief until my best friend died at the tender age of 33. Now grief and I are best friends.
13.  Since having children, I now have to be surrounded by pillows and blankets in bed. My husband has nicknamed this mound of mess "Mount KilamaNancy"
14. I was born in London, Ontario, but when I die I will be buried in Ottawa.
15. Marriage is about comprimise. I had to give my boys two middle names each and I hated it!
16. I hope something horrible happens to M. Hutt while he's in prison. Just sayin.
17.  I'm a University graduate, and I pretty much drank my way thru.
18.  One of the most horrific moments of my life: watching a baby die in the NICU. His name was Cameron.  Gavin came home with us the next week. 
19.  I can sit for hours and do absolutely nothing. I think its a gift.
20. Ellen Degeners is one of my absolute favourite human beings.
21.  I've worked for Staples for 14 years and have worked at every store in this city.
22.  I absolutely HATE shopping, especially for shoes.
23.  I always thought I'd be a horrible mother.
24. My best friends name is Nathalie and I hated her guts the first time I met her.
25. I've held a 6 foot snake and a tarantula (not at the same time, though LOL). I'm super woman!

Whew! 25 was really hard!! I can't believe I have 75 more to go!! (Thanks Stacey for this! If you wanna check out Stacey's awesome blog, go to

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