Monday, 4 April 2011

Things that Make Me Happy

For 2011, I am all about Happiness. As you know, I read the Happiness Project this year and have made it my mission to find things that make me happier.  Every now and then I am going to come on in here and blog about the things I have discovered that make me happy. By doing this, maybe you'll find things that make you happy as well.

One of my resolutions this year (for my Happiness Project) was to read or watch something funny a couple times a week. Almost every day, I turn on my favourite morning show; Ellen.  Ellen is my absolute favourite for so many reasons, I can't even count. Every morning, I wake up and look forward to her show. She's not only hilarious, but she seems like such a great person. I love her courage, her spunk.  
If you've never seen her show, you need to come out of your cave and have a look! Even the kids love Ellen. She's always in a good mood, she always dances and she's always funny.  I don't even care who the guests are, she's always great.
    Ellen is not only funny, but she seems like such a great person. She's always doing charity work, like the Gentle Barn, which rescues and rehabilitates animals. But she's not just about giving back to the animals. Often on her show, she will have people on that have struggled and she helps them out.  I've seen some fantastic stories on her show. She's also an advocate against bullying, which is something I worry about constantly as a parent. 

 She's a poster girl for those who struggle with inequality and she often has those strong enough to speak out on her show.  And she loves to meet new people with special talents. 

Did I mention that I adore her!! It is my fabulous goal in life to be on her show. I just wanna be in the audience and see her up close. She is just so awesome. If you've never watched her show, I highly recommend it. It will perk up your day and keep you smiling.  I try to watch it every day and even watch the reruns.  She's a great person and I wish I could know her!

As Ellen always says, "Be Kind to One Another".

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