Monday, 11 April 2011

THE Princess turns TWO

Uncle Kirk and Ava
I have been blessed with two beautiful boys, Isaac and Gavin,  and I am forever grateful.  My husband and I aren't planning on having any more children (today anyway; we change our minds frequently), so it is with a sad heart that I realize I will never have a girl. When I found out my brother in law and his wife were having a baby girl, I was so darn excited I wanted to scream it from the rooftop! A GIRL, A GIRL!!!! Finally, a baby girl to spoil, a baby girl to buy clothes for, a baby girl of my very own!...well, almost!  Her name is Ava but I have been calling her Princess from the day she was born and probably will call her that till she's a teenager (or maybe longer). My boys call her Baby Girl, and may call her that til she's a teenager as well!! HA!  This past weekend we celebrated her second birthday by visiting a place called Gotta Paint (, where the kids got to paint a piece of artwork that they will get to take home. This was the first time for my boys at Gotta Paint and I think they had a blast. Gavin did especially well, considering the minimum age at Gotta Paint is 4 and Gavin turned 3 in December.  They both had a great time and I think the Princess had a blast as well. The best part of all? I got to paint something as well! Kirk and I had so much fun that we're thinking we will come back here on a 'date night' and do some more!!

My fantastic mother in law made the cake for this special occassion and once again, she has outdone herself! Have a look at this masterpiece!!

Happy Birthday Ava!! Hope you had a blast!!!!!
Isaac's "ROCKET"            
Gavin makes this look easy!

This is me painting my new mug. I can't wait to see how it turns out! It takes a week for the art pieces to cure, so I'll let you know next week!

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