Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I'm gonna out!

I'm gonna rant here, so I hope you're sitting down.

Suffering with depression sucks, everyone knows that. But what is so special about my depression is that it does not play well with others ( or medication, in this case.) Oh sure, when I first try a new drug, my depression will play nice, share toys, give up authority and all that jazz. But it's all a roose. After a few weeks, my depression says, "ok, that's enough of that crap! I'm in charge here!". What was a small problem then quickly because a full on tornado of sh*T! And I gotta start all over again with another drug. I have been enduring this medication rollercoaster for six years now and have gotten a little used to it.  That's not what this rant is about. I'll tell ya what's cheesing me off right now.

THE DAMN SIDE EFFECTS!  Why is it that they can create a little blue pill so a man can have an erection but they can't create a anti-depressant that causes weight LOSS instead of weight gain? I don't get it!! Almost every single drug I have tried has had some sort of unpleasant side effect. Am I asking for too much for their to be some pleasant side effects??!! I want a drug that turns me into a nympho, makes my boobs bigger, my arse smaller, makes me super happy, uber-excited, with tons of energy and a extra dash of patience on the side! It's not rocket science, people!!

Did you know that lack of sleep causes depression? Did you also know that most anti-depressants cause insomnia? Does that make sense to you? Did you know that being over weight causes a person to become depressed? Did you also know that some anti depressants cause weight gain? I don't get it?? I'm getting a little tired of taking a medication that I have to take another medication to endure! "Here's a pill, Nan. Oh, by the way....that pill will make you tired, so here's another pill to perk you up. Oh, but that pill causes insomnia, so here's another pill that will help you sleep." I wish I was kidding, but this is actually a metaphor for the three meds I take right now!!!!!

Dang people!! Why are we paying these doctors so darn much money?

Ok, that's my rant for today. Sorry if that ruined your day a little....I had to get that off my chest. Now I'm gonna go have some O.J and see if I can't get this damn penny taste outta my mouth!

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