Sunday, 17 April 2011

Fisher King

A decade and a half ago, I met a man at work, nicknamed Doc. Doc knows everything about sports and is a huge hockey fan. Every year Doc holds a hockey playoff pool and he asked me 14 years ago if I'd like to be a part of it. "Sure, what the hell!", I says. That year I didn't know a dang thing about hockey so I picked players for my pool who were cute or had interesting names. I won that year....HA! That's right! Cute guys RULE!!But I haven't won since, probably because I stopped caring what the guys looked like and started actually paying attention to the game. (stupid! stupid!)

Almost every year I have one player that I always choose; Mike Fisher. Yup, it's true. The first time I chose Mike Fisher it's because I thought he was hot. I knew little to nothing about hockey except that Fisher had a super hot smile and fantastic blue eyes. I started watching hockey constantly and Fisher became a good pick as favourite player and I picked him every single year that the Ottawa Senators made it to the playoffs. He didn't always give me many points, but he was my favourite. Whattya gonna do?

(Yup, this is a pic of Mike and me!! I have several, but this is the only one I can find)

This year; a tragedy. The Ottawa Senators traded Mike Fisher to the Nashville Predators. I considered never watching hockey again. How could they do this to me! Fisher was my favourite, my reason for watching hockey. How could they take that away from this Sens fan?? I was devestated. It was a very dark day.

Fast forward a few months and we're sitting at Doc's playoff pool for yet another year. What started out as a group of six (me being the only girl) has morphed into this huge event that takes three "captains" to organize. LOVE IT! I thought my favourite player was lost to me, but alas, Nashville made it to the playoffs. Sure, they weren't favoured to win, but who cares! He's my favourite, dang it!! So I picked him as I always do! And wouldn't ya know it, he's doing good!!! YEAH ME!! That's right, people! The HOT guy wins it again!!

We'll see how I do this year, but you can be sure that this Sens Fan is proud to have Mike Fisher in her hockey pool!!

(Oh ya, and Carrie Underwood can smooch my butt!)

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