Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Short and and not-so-sweet....

My back to work adventure hit a small snag today.....damn PANIC ATTACKS!!!

Went to see the shrink today. He says, "Nancy, I think you went back to work to early".  It's because I told him that I've been having issues with work these last few days. It's like there's this scratchy, itchy critter inside my brain and it is just FREAKING out about being at work.  And it gets so bad that I make myself sick.

Ugh, being a failure is so upsetting!!

I know, I know!! I'm not a failure. I have just failed at this one particular far.  The doc says take a week off and see if it's the meds that have gone all wrong or if it's that I shouldn't be working yet. Bleck!!!!

I freakin hate this disease! My biggest dream for this world is the cure for anxiety and depression!

Oh well. Tomorrow is a brand new day!! Did I mention I am ordering an exercise machine?? Check it out!
Maybe this is the solution!!!

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  1. Sorry that it didn't go as well as you'd hoped. And I hope you Truly know that it doesn't mean you are a failure. I am so glad I discovered your blog...your honesty is really helping me be more aware of people who do struggle with this desease. I think some may think it is "just in their heads", or that they like the attention, but you are really opening my eyes to what life is really like. And it's so helpful because we do have someone in the family who suffers from this -- I have new understanding and compassion for him now. Hopefully that will help mend broken relationships. I thank you for that hope!