Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day 24 — About your childhood

I was born in 1975 in London, Ontario. My brother, John, was born 5 days shy of my first birthday. Most pictures of me as a child have my brother in them because we were so close in age.  Check us out!

This is us
with my Dad

I love this pic of us!

It occurs to me as I'm looking thru all my pics, that I don't have any pics with my Mom. Strange cuz I lived with my Mom (and not my Dad) and she was the centre of my universe as a child and teenager!!

My parents were divorced when I was five. My Dad got remarried. This is John and I at my Dads wedding. Let's not discuss my StepMother just yet.

When Dad remarried he had another daughter, named Jenny. This is us all together!
I was super excited when Jenny was born because I had a sister!!! Sadly, we didn't have the sister relationship I always dreamed about. Someday, maybe!!

Me, at the tender age of 6!

My childhood was pretty tame compared to some. I moved around a lot as my Mom never could really settle in one place. When I was 17, I refused to move with my MOm and stayed behind in Ottawa while she went to Eganville, then the GTA.  I was a crazy teenager in love with a stupid boy at the time.  I stayed in Ottawa, went to University and now live there with my husband. My Mom still lives in Burlington. We're having a competition right now to see who will give in and move closer to the other. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to lose this fight LOL!

On a sadder note today, I just found out that my Grandpa passed away this past weekend. I'm a little sad. The one year anniversary of my Dad's passing is on Thursday so I was already feeling a little tender. This pics kinda make me gloomy, so I think that'll be all for today, my kidlettes! We shall talk again soon though.

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