Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 28 — A place you love

Good Evening!! How is everyone feeling this fine night?  I was a pathetic mess today. I slept in til 8, had a nap at 10, then fell asleep reading my book at 2.  It's gonna be a long night of no sleeping, me thinks. And it's entirely my own fault! Of course, once I take my Imovane I'll be out like a light, but it won't last :( It never does! Sniff, sniff.

Ok, I'm done whining for now.  We're almost done our 30 day challenge. What will we do once we're finished? Oh no worries there. I'll never get tired of talking as long you never get tired of listening.  We'll always find something to talk about!! Today we're gonna talk about a place that I love.  It's hard to pick just one place in the world that I love. I mean, I love taking my baths in my stunning, luxurious roman tub but that's kinda boring.  If I had to pick one place out of all the places I've been, I will have to choose Mexico as my favourite country and XelHa as my favourite park.

XelHa is an ecological park. You can go snorkeling, swim with stingrays, check out the manatees, go for long walks and check out the beautiful views of the ocean.  It was well worth the money!  Check out some of these pictures!

A cenote! 
Swimming with the stingrays!

A face that needs a smooch!

This place was just breathtaking.  I love snorkeling even though I hate the ocean. I don't have a picture of  me swimming with the stingray but that was a pretty awesome experience. They are so soft underneath and so tough on top. Who knew!!

Well, that's it for today. Hope to see you again real soon!

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