Saturday, 16 July 2011

Day 26 — Who do you admire and inspire

Boys and Girls, I have arrived!! LOL. Today was a long, boring day at work so it is now time to do something that I enjoy! Talking to you fine people!  We're all the way up to day 26 in our 30 day challenge. This challenge has definitely taken my longer than I thought it would. It was fun to do though!  Today is the day we talk about people and characteristics I admire in others.
My first will definitely have to be my mother. As a single mother of three children, I think my Mom did a pretty fantastic job.  Her kids stayed outta jail, we didn't drive drunk, we weren't bullies and we became pretty normal adults.  My brothers Tim is a college graduate and my brother John is a genius at U of T. I'm pretty proud of both of them and my Mom had a lot to do with how they turned out. I think I turned out ok, too. 
Second, I'd have to say my brother's fiance, Caitie, is a pretty remarkable woman and I admire her drive and determination.  In the last few months she has been able to turn her life around and lose all the weight she wanted to. She even completed a stair climbing marathon where she had to climb all the stairs in the CN Tower. That was damn impressive!!!
Third, my Dad. Although my Dad passed away a year ago, I have discovered what an awesome friend he was.  His funeral showed me how much my father was loved by everyone who met him and it made me love him even more! My father has a pretty rough beginning but he managed to become a pretty awesome man in the end so I am definitely proud to call my Daddy!
Ok, those were easy because they are family.  How about someone that isn't family.
How about Lance Armstrong?  A man who survived testicular cancer and then went on to win the Tour de France 7 times. That's pretty amazing stuff. I hope that I am a strong enough human being to survive such a devastating disease and go on to accomplish something great. Or Regina Brett, who overcame breast cancer and went on to be an award winning author. Her book, "God Never Blinks" is a great read that will really make you feel better about yourself when you need a pick me up!

Qualities that I admire most in a person? I love it when people can be true to themselves when it is toughest. It's easy to be outgoing and positive when times are easy. How about being a positive role model when things are hard? Now that's talent!  I admire people who come thru something hard like cancer stronger than ever! I love feel good stories about people surviving adversity. It makes me well up with pride!

Well, that's all I got for today! Thanks for stopping by and letting me entertain you for a bit!

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