Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Today was a "tough" day. That's the word I use when my depression gets the better of me but I don't wanna admit it out loud. I'm awesome at giving advice to others but I sometimes struggle with taking the advice myself. I have been doing horribly with my sleep hygiene lately.  I have been sleeping in, taking naps.  Horrible! I've been eating like crap, not exercising, bumming out at home.  And when you struggle with depression, these are some of the worst things you can do!!  I keep telling myself that tomorrow will be better, but then I wake up grumpy and tired. Ugh. It's just getting worse and worse.

Anyway, this fits in great with day 8 of my 30 Day Challenge....Cravings. When I'm moody like this, I love to eat anything and everything sweet!  Pie, cake, ice cream, soda, pudding, anything. Whatever I can get my grubby fingers on. My favourite is definitely pie.  They sell this wonderful concoction at M&M's called an Apple Blossom...check this beauty out!

Mmm, just looking at it makes me want one!!!

I'm a sucker for desserts. I love anything sweet and delicious. My favourite dessert at a restaurant is definitely Montana's Skillet Cookie. My two favourite things; ice cream and warm cookies,  brought together by love. YUM! (  Top right).....did that work?? Anyway, that's the best dessert ever!!

While pregnant I never really had any strange cravings. When I was pregnant with my first I always wanted McDonald's chicken nuggets, hence the gaining of 70lbs! With my second, I was so nauseated all the time that I never had time to crave anything! I just drank a lot of ginger ale. I know I did want sushi when I was pregnant, even though I wasn't allowed. That was a strange craving, because before being married I had never tried sushi.

Well, that's all I got for ya tonight. All this talk of depression and cookies has made me hungry! LOL.  See ya tomorrow!

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