Sunday, 19 June 2011

Can I Skip a Few Days?

Happy Father's Day to all the awesome fathers out there. On the 30 day challenge, today was supposed to be pics of my celebrity crush, but I was wondering if you minded if I skip ahead and do something sappy here for Father's Day instead? On Day 23, you're supposed to write a letter to your parents and I was hoping I could come in here and post some old pics of my awesome father!!

My Dad's name is John Paul Ducharme. Early in his life, everyone called him Jack. Late in life he made some major positive changes and one of them was his name. Everyone who knew him well called him JP.  I always called him Daddy. My Dad and I didn't know each other well growing up.  My parents were divorced when I was 5 and both my parents remarried.  But as an adult I like to think we became friends. He died on July 14th, 2010.  Today is the first Father's Day that I have been without my Daddy.

Although this Father's Day was a bit sad, I do still have an awesome Husband who is a fantastic father to our two boys. In fact, my husband, two boys and my fatherinlaw are currently out strawberry picking right now, which my kids just love.  I haven't been feeling too hot today. Mostly because I drank too much last night and a little because today is a wee bit sad. So to cheer me up a bit, let me show you some awesome pics of my father who I miss so much!

My Dad as a young boy......heehheeeee, I love the bow tie!

My Dad, me and my brother John

My favourite pic of my Dad, brother and I.

My Marvellous Mother and My Fantastic Father, walking me down the aisle!

He was such a proud Papa that day. 

So Day 23 of the 30 Day Challenge is supposed to be a letter to a parent. So here goes....

Dear Daddy,  
 We never got the time to know each other better but I know we would've been the best of friends. I want you to know how proud I am of you. And how much I miss you every single day. I feel you smiling down on me and I hope that I am making you proud.  One day we will be together again, but until then I hope you can feel what's truly in my heart and know that this world just isn't the same without you.  I love you so much.
From your Kiddo.

Ooohh, that was sappy, wasn't it.  So I'll come back in....maybe even later.....and post some pics of my celebrity crushes, new and old. We'll see each other soon.

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