Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 16 Favourite Food

Hello my friends. How is your week going so far?  Mine has been one big test.  I worked two full days in a row. Both were horribly busy, tiring days. The first day, I had a major panic attack half way thru the day.  It was a struggle to get thru the day because of the pain in my legs and feet (it's hard to work on your feet when you've been off as long as I have). I had to take a break and recollect myself and it wasn't easy.  Today wasn't much better. I did some work sitting down (which is hard to find when you work retail) and that helped with the pain. The stress is constant where I work. The store I'm at is extremely busy and it takes its toll on my mental state. By the time I get home, I'm cooked!  Thank goodness my kids were mostly good tonight!

Speaking of cooked, I had the greatest lunch today! Know what it is?? Lebanese, of course. My fav!!!  I went to the Lebanese place next to my work (convenient!!) and took a long lunch to get myself together. I had the most delicious chicken shawarma sandwich *YUM* and some tabbouleh!! Here's some pics!  Careful, it'll make you hungry.....
Yummy hummus and pita!!!


And some fantastic dessert......baklava!!

Well, that was short but OH SO SWEET!!! I know it's only 8pm, but I think I'm gonna go take a long, hot bath and then go to bed!! What a day!!  Hope I didn't make you too hungry!! See you tomorrow :)

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