Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 12 Recent Purchase

Hello and Welcome to Monday.  I worked again today and its definitely getting easier on my body. I'm still pretty tired when I get home, but I'm nearly as sore. Yes, I said sore! This poor ol' body is struggling with going back to work.

Tomorrow is a big day, don't ya know. It's the 6th anniversary of my 29th Birthday! I can't wait to see what the hubby and kidlettes have planned for me! We're going to Jack Astor's for dinner (one of my Favs) with all my friends! It's gonna rock!

And on that note, let's get back to the challenge!!  So, I didn't purchase this myself. My inlaws got it for me for my birthday. I was visiting a friend a few months ago and her husband was going on and on about the Flavour Wave with Mr T. He even PVR'd the commercial and showed it to me!  I thought it looked pretty cool so I mentioned it to the inlaws. Sure enough, they surprised me with this beauty a few days ago (they can't keep a secret to save their lives!)

I tried it the other night. I cooked two whole chickens in one hour. That's right...ONE HOUR! And they were so delicious!! This thing is awesome. Of course it's like every other kitchen appliance. Its only as good as you make it. I have to make sure I use it often and make sure I get its full value out of it. It came with a wee little recipe book and I plan to try everything in there, including the bacon and eggs!!  This week we will be doing a roast in there.

...BUT not tomorrow, cuz IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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