Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Travelling Tuesday!!

Welcome to Tuesday!!!  It’s a beautiful, sunny day outside here so I couldn’t resist going outside. I took my mother in law shopping at a store called Total Home Consignment (check it out  It was quite awesome and I found some great things I really wanna buy at excellent prices.  We have this rickety table and chair set it our eat-in kitchen that we’ve been meaning to replace. I found this nice oak set at the consignment shop for only 500 bucks. It’s was very sturdy and would last us forever, whereas the one we have right now we’ve only had for two years and the chairs are all falling apart.
My mother in law like to take time out of our busy week (yah right) and go shopping at antique stores and such to check out all the cool stuff. A few weeks ago we visited the big red barn (actually named Gendron Antiques)  and found some stunning antique cabinets and bars. I so wish I had lots of money.  Check out the big red bard (
Another place we visited this past week was the Ottawa Antiques Market ( I found the most stunning garnet ring for a hundred bucks which I am very tempted to go back and purchase when I get my tax return. I don’t need it, but I would really love it if I had it!
Also on our travelling Tuesday, we stopped for a yummy, delicious drink from Starbucks. Today I enjoyed a black iced tea lemonade and a small caramel treat. Oh, so good!!  It was a great debate between iced tea or a chai tea latte, which are always scrumptious as well.  Nothing ends a day of shopping better than a trip to Starbucks!

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