Friday, 25 March 2011

The Most Helpless

There is no other time as a parent that I feel the most helpless then when my kids vomit.  I can handle the poop, the boogers, the snotty colds and flu, but when they throw up I just don’t know what to do with myself. Their whole little body convulses and they whine like you’ve never heard them whine before. Dogs have heard it, but I haven’t. Today, Gavin is having some stomach issues. I’m not the least bit surprised. Isaac was sick a few weeks ago and Abdellah from daycare was sick last week. It never takes long at the daycare for the illness to spread around and get to each one of them. Kirk and I had to pick up the little munchkins from daycare today so that mommy could take care of her little baby.
Gavin is my baby. He was born premature and I often treat him like my baby.

When Gav was 14 months old, he got the Norwalk virus. It was so awful. He threw up constantly and was so miserable. At that young an age they have no idea what is going on and they are terribly frightened.  One day, he not only threw up all over himself, but he managed to cover me in it from head to foot! For once in my life, the smell of vomit didn’t make me wanna yak as well.  All I cared about was taking care of my little baby.

Now, he’s miserable and vomitty, but at least he’s older. He’s managed to make it to the toilet a few times instead of just puking all over himself!  Ah, the joys of parenthood. There’s nothing quite like cleaning up puke from the floor, the entire time heaving because you can’t handle the smell yourself!!  Now I know what my Dad was talking about when he said the kids diapers used to make him heave! There is nothing harder than standing over the toilet with your toddler wondering if you’re gonna join the little bugger.
(Look at that pouty face!!!)

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