Monday, 28 March 2011

Marbles; Guiness Book of World Records??? Maybe Not.

I have a cat named Marbles. I named her that so that when I can’t find her, I can say, “I’ve lost my Marbles”. I wish I was making that up!  She’s a very old, very fat cat but I love her to pieces.  She used to be such an active cat. If you met Marbles ten years ago, she was so skinny and so energetic. She used to do the craziest stuff, like stick her entire body in a glass trying to get at the ice, or chase laser pointer light all over the house, cackling at it like a witch.  She was so much fun.  Nowadays, Marbles is as fat as can be. She’s almost 18 years old and she rarely leaves my room.  It’s a hardship for her to climb up on the bed. And once she’s up on the bed, she doesn’t get down until she absolutely has to.  I think she has gone a little senile. She seems to forget when she’s eaten. If I go to her bowl and feed her, she eats. If I go to her bowl and ‘pretend’ to feed her, she eats. Perhaps this is part of the fat problem.  But that cat has been on diet food for a decade and it hasn’t done squat! 
Gavin just loves the cat. He loves to sit on her, pet her, pull her hair, and generally maul the poor thing. When she sees him coming, she usually runs as fast as she can, under the bed.  Of course, she’s not nearly as fast as he is so she doesn’t always make it there fast enough.  She takes a lot of abuse from those kids and has never once retaliated. 
I’m often asked if Marbles is still alive and if she is alive, how is she doing. She’s not nearly as spry as she used to be, but that’s to be expected. She walks real slow wherever she’s going. It takes her a few minutes to work up the gumption to climb up onto the bed or couch.  And when she does finally get down off the bed, it’s quite the ordeal jumping down. If you had that ass following behind you, you’d have a hard time getting outta bed, too! LoL!
Marbles! The greatest cat that ever lived!

Marbles and Gavin at 2months old.

She doesn't look so big in this picture. I always thought she had a little head and a big belly and butt....kinda like her Momma! LOL!

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