Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Broke down and bought him a Barbie.

Much to Kirk’s chagrin, I finally broke down and bought Gavin a Barbie doll. He has been begging me for months to buy him one. Every time we see one at Walmart he freaks out. When we go to McDonalds he always asks for the girl toy. Sometimes I give in and sometimes I don’t.  I know it bothers Kirk to give his son a fairy Barbie so I try not to push my luck. But the tax return came in and I thought the boys could use a treat. So while I was at Wallymart today, I grabbed my son a Barbie.  I know he’s a boy and some would say that he doesn’t need a Barbie but I figure he should have whatever toy he wants to play with and why does it matter if it isn’t the “usual” boy toy.
He was ecstatic!! I had to unwrap it in the car and give it to him right away. And the first thing that child did with that Barbie was strip her naked. I heard a little squeal from the back seat. I turn around and there is Gavin, stripping that Barbie naked and saying, “Look Mommy! I can take all her clothes off!!!”. He was so damned pleased with himself, too!!  I don’t think I’ve seen him so happy with a toy before. 

I got Isaac a giant blue ball and then bought the boys the Gazillion Bubbles, which they are currently playing with in the backyard.  I like any toy that keeps them busy for a half hour of peace and quiet. It’s so nice to have a backyard the boys can play in. I only wish I had a fence around our yard so I didn’t have to keep such a close eye on them.  The shrubs just can’t contain all that energy without a mommy watching them!

It is so gorgeous outside today. Kirk and I took the boys out for a bit and had a look at gazebos.  I can’t wait until Spring and Kirk builds the deck he has been promising me for so long.  And then I can put a gigantic gazebo on it and have a huge BBQ and invite all my friends. YOU ARE ALL INVITED!
How is the weather where you are today? Are you enjoying the sun as much as we are? The snow is almost entirely gone from our backyard and I can't wait to get started on my gardening. I plan to cover that whole back fence with morning glories!!

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