Friday, 18 March 2011

Addicted to Survivor

I have been watching Survivor since Richard Hatch first walked the beach naked.  I don’t remember the guys name, but my favourite quote was that year. This guy said he’d “snap her neck like a kittens”. Or something along those lines. It was then that I realized that Survivor and I were meant to be together. We go together like S & M. My roommate used to watch it with me every Thursday night. It was like our date night. We’d get some Dairy Queen, cuz that’s what you eat when you’re gonna watch people starving on a deserted island.  And we’d sit and watch every minute. Do you remember when they voted Gerry out that year? We screamed out the balcony window that night, throwing a little party.
So, why the heck am I going on about my love affair with Survivor? Well, I am, of course, watching it this year.  This is the year they brought back Rob and Russell to the show. By now Russell has already been voted out and had his little crying fest This made me tear up a little bit, by the way. I can’t watch grown men cry. It always makes me cry.  So anyway, we’re about four episodes in the season and I have this brilliant idea. WHAT IF, Rob hangs on to the immunity idol til the very last episode. This theory hinges on the fact that Rob would have to make it all the way down to the final two without using the immunity idol that he is currently hiding. But let’s just imagine a world where Rob weasels his way all the way til the final two, and that’s when he whips out that immunity idol. He gives that immunity idol to the other guy or girl and that forces every single person on the panel to vote for Rob, giving him the million dollars!!! Imagine it!!  Now that is a “booooooyyyyyyyaaaaaaaa” moment!!
Ok, so you probably have to be a Survivor connoisseur to understand what the hell I’m talking about. And if you don’t watch Survivor, you’re probably thinking to yourself that this is a ridiculous blog post and why the hell did you waste your time reading it. You did it because you love me, damn it!!! And that’s the way it should be.

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