Monday, 21 March 2011

Don't ask me which movie to watch....cuz I suck! My rant on the Oscars.

I have horrible taste in movies.  Don't get me wrong, I love movies. My husband and I own 435 DVD's and I love my collection.  But if you looked at the movies within this collection of films, you'd probably agree that my taste is lacking.  My mother has informed me that the reason for this horrible affliction is because I care only for eye candy, and nothing else. I have always held firm to the adage, "if it's got a hot guy in it, it will probably be a great movie".  Granted, the movies I like best rarely win an Oscar for Best Picture, but I don't do too bad all the time. I mean, I liked Titanic!  I even bought it!!

In an attempt to prove my mother right (cuz I'm pretty sure she's right), I decided to have a look at the movies that have been nominated for best picture over the last 20 years and see if I had seen any of them, had I liked any of them and did I actually like it enough to buy it. HAHAHHHAAAAA!!  This exercise was quite amusing, actually.  So let's have a look at the best picture nominations (and winners) from the last 20 years. 

Seen it?
2010 (83rd)  
 Black SwanN
 The FighterY
 The Kids Are AlrightN
 The King's SpeechN
 127 HoursN
 The Social NetworkY
 Toy Story 3Y
 True GritN
 Winter's BoneN
2009 (82nd)  
 The Blind SideY
 District 9Y
 An EducationN
 The Hurt LockerN
 Inglorious BastardsY
 A Serious ManN
 Up in the AirN
2008 (81st)  
 The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonN
 The ReaderN
 Slumdog MillionaireN
2007 (80th)  
 Michael ClaytonN
 No Country for Old MenY
 There Will Be BloodN
2006 (79th)  
 The DepartedN
 Letters from Iwo JimaN
 Little Miss SunshineN
 The QueenN
2005 (78th)  
 Brokeback MountainY
 Good Night, And Good LuckN
2004 (77th)   
 The AviatorN
 Finding NeverlandN
 Million Dollar BabyN
2003 (76th)  
 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingY
 Lost in TranslationN
 Master and CommanderN
 Mystic RiverN
2002 (75th)  
 Gangs of New YorkN
 The HoursN
 The Lord of the Rings:  The Two TowersY
 The PianistN
2001 (74th)  
 A Beautiful MindN
 Gosford ParkN
 In the BedroomN
 The Lord of the Rings:  The Fellowship of the RingY
 Moulin RougeY
2000 (73rd)  
 Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonN
 Erin BrockovichN
1999 (72nd)  
 American BeautyN
 The Cider House RulesN
 The Green MileY
 The InsiderN
 The Sixth SenseY
1998 (71st)  
 Life Is BeautifulY
 Saving Private Ryan N
 Shakespeare in LoveN
 The Thin Red LineN
1997 (70th)  
 As Good as It GetsY
 The Full MontyN
 Good Will HuntingY
 L.A. ConfidentialN
1996 (69th)  
 The English PatientY
 Jerry MaguireY
 Secrets and LiesN
1995 (68th)  
 Apollo 13Y
 The PostmanN
 Sense and SensibilityN
1994 (67th)  
 Forrest GumpY
 Four Weddings and a FuneralY
 Pulp FictionY
 Quiz ShowY
 The Shawshank RedemptionY
1993 (66th)  
 The FugitiveY
 In the Name of the FatherN
 The PianoY
 The Remains of the DayN
 Schindler's ListY
1992 (65th)  
 The Crying GameN
 A Few Good MenY
 Howards EndN
 Scent of a WomanN
1991 (64th)  
 Beauty and the BeastY
 The Prince of TidesN
 The Silence of the LambsY
1990 (63rd)  
 Dances with WolvesY
 The Godfather, Part IIIN
 Good FellasN

So, here's some fun facts about the best picture nominations for the last 20 years.  Of the 60 movies  nominated in the last 10 years, I've seen on 17, a mere 28% of them.  But in the 10 years before that, I have seen 27 of the 50 movies, or a 54%.  Are movies getting worse or is my taste? Hard to say.  In 2009, I have not seen a single one of the movies nominated and yet in 1994, I have seen all of them.  In the last 11 years, I have seen the winner of best picture four times.  One of the craziest statistics is that since 2000, I own six of the movies nominated for best picture, and yet I have not actually watched them yet.  That seems to happen a lot around this household. We tend to buy movies and then never watch them.  Guilty as charged.

For curiosity sake, I wonder if the movies that I have not seen and yet have one best picture had a good looking actor (or actress, I'll go both ways) in it?  Did that make sense?  I guess the only way to find out for sure is to make a point to actually watch the movies that are on the nominated list. But that sounds like a lot of work! Of course, I'm currently not working.......sooo......

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