Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sh*t my Mother In Law Says

Every now and then something will come out of my mother in laws mouth that just blows my mind, so I thought I’d start a new segment chronicling all the hilarious moments involving “Grammy”.
My in laws live with us. They moved in with us last summer and have a big a huge help for us.  My mother in law and I spend a great deal of time together. She doesn’t work and is home with me most of the time. So I have a lot of material to choose from when I am looking for hilarious things she says and does to tell you about.  Today her and I were shopping at Walmart (yes, again).  She had bought a few things and I had got a few things. We were in line and she was ahead of me. The cashier asked Debbie for her postal code. Deb looked at me a little stunned, so I gave the cashier our postal code since it was obvious Debbie had no idea what it was.  The cashier entered the code in the cash register and Debbie says (to me), “Yah, do your job!.”  I look at Debbie and then I look at the cashier. The cashier looks a little stunned now, so I say, “just so you know, she was talking to me, not you.”  I don’t think Debbie had any idea what she had just said and that the cashier may have taken offence to it.  Once I said it out loud to the cashier, Debbie laughed and said of course she was talking to me and not the cashier.
Dang, I hope you thought that was as funny as I did, cuz I dang near pee’d my pants.    I made fun of her the whole way home!  When I told Kirk the story, he was so shocked that she would say something like that to someone else in public! With witnesses!!

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