Monday, 9 May 2011

Miss mE?

Did you Miss me??

My husband says to me today, "I follow this wonderful blog, but there hasn't been any new updates in such a long time." Yeesh.  He's so pushy!

It's been a long few days, I know. We've been busy.  Greatest Mother's Day gift EVER....check it out!
I cried a little when he gave this to me, even if it is in French.

Another great Mother's Day gift? I got to spend some of it with my own
mother!!  I'm greatful every day that I can still pick up the phone everyday and call my mother.  This is my Mom and I in 1996.
Look at that hair!!

So this family went to visit Oma and Opa Mike for this Mother's Day weekend and had a wonderful time. The boys particularly like Oma's because there is a park right outside her back door and they can play there whenever they want! Awesome. And they get to spend time with Uncle Tim, Uncle John and especially Aunt Caitie.  My boys have a love affair with their aunts and Aunt Caitie is no exception. That's all I heard about on the way there. "Is Aunt Caitie gonna be there? Are we gonna see Aunt Caitie? Can we play with Aunt Caitie?" Oi! They can be persistant!!  But they got to see Aunt Caitie so I didn't have to hear about it as much on the way home as I did on the way there!

I did get to hear a new expression this time around, "How come this drive is taking forever?" We're got this drive to Oma's down to a science. If you do it right it only take 4.5 hours, even with two quick stops! But to a 3 and 5 year old, that is forever!

Anyway, Ladies and Gentlemen. This Momma is now exhausted and suffering from a cold that she is pretty sure originated with Uncle Timmy. I will be back in this week, promise.  We will be doing some lovely gardening this week and I will post some pics of the progress! Can't wait to see you then!

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