Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cursed May 4th

I try not to let this day be all doom and gloom. A wise, old man once said, "Nanc, don't let it be all depressing. She would hate that".

When I was 15 years old, I met the most amazing woman. Her name was Jeannie but I always called her Bean.  We were the best of friends for the better part of two decades.  She passed away May 4th, 2008 from a rare form of liver cancer. I miss her every single day.

BUT, I try and follow the old mans advice and make May 4th a mini celebration of her life. First thing I do is sleep in...cuz I can. Hubs always makes sure the kids are taken care of on this special day so that I can do whatever I need to to make it thru.  After breakfast I go to the cemetary. I bring her flowers cuz she loved flowers. Her favourite colour was purple so I do my best.  Last year I planted some "pink grass" near her grave stone and I wanna see if it survived! (Don't tell her Dad...I think he still takes care of that cemetary!). If the weather is nice I would stay there awhile, but I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow. So we won't dwell at the cemetary.  After such a depressing time, one must treat themselves. And what better way to treat yourself than Dairy Queen.

Bean and I used to go to DQ all the time. For awhile she lived on Albion Rd, which had a DQ on the corner. I think I gained 10lbs that year!  After DQ, I will come home and watch her favourite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.
Although it isn't my favourite, I still watch it every year cuz she loved it so much. Whenever Bean and I would suffer heart ache as teenagers (which was often) we would get together, eat a pint of ice cream and watch Disney movies all day.  It was tradition.  And I definitely don't want to break with tradition!!

That will be the end of my day. For the rest of the time I will mope around, feeling mostly sorry for myself.  I have been blessed with a number of really awesome friends in my life. The Lord has seen fit to take away a few of them but I try not to be bitter. He does know best, afterall. I am forever grateful that I had Jeannie in my life for as long as I did. She was a fantastic person, a great friend, a wonderful mother and wife. She knew me better than anyone ever could and always knew exactly what to say. I miss her terribly but I am thankful for the time that we did have!

Here's to you, Beaners!  The BESTEST!

The hair still makes me giggle!

high school graduation

After she confirmed she was preggers with Reyanne

Bean and I on her wedding day.

Jeannie and I on my wedding Day

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