Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Daycare Blues!

My husband and I are enduring one of the horrible aspects of parenthood right now...finding suitable daycare!  When my first son was born, my MIL quit her job to take care of him. But when our second came along, the two kids proved to be too much for dear ol' Granny. So we went on the hunt for a daycare. Here in Ottawa, daycare doesn't come cheap!! For two kids full time in a public daycare centre costs up to $2000/month! Can you believe it. Sometimes more than that!! It's just so much money!!! So we've had to go with privately run in-home daycares to be able to afford it.

Anyway, we have a daycare right now but I'm just not impressed with her. So here we are, yet again, trying desperately to find a daycare provider to take care of our two little men! It's so stressful! I'm freaking out most of the day, worrying about IF we'll find someone, WHEN will we find someone, HOW MUCH will said someone be, IF that someone will take our part time rather than full time, and WILL this person make me feel comfortable! That's my biggest concern. These are my babies!! I can't leave them with just anyone!!

Ugh. So freaking out right now!

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