Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sometimes mistakes are made

I know I haven't been in here in awhile. I've been a mess.  Changing meds has been extremely difficult. I have been so sick.  I'm trying to be a regular Mom and wife while feeling like absolute garbage which has not been easy. I've been a right bitch, let's be honest. 

Everyday I take the boys to the park after dinner. I do this because if I stayed home with them I might lose my mind! Hubby says at least they are getting some exercise!

Tonight was ridiculous. My eldest decided to ignore everything I said to him tonight And when he did finally pay attention to me, he would talk back, be snarky and generally rude to me. So I put him to bed early. That did not go over well.  He had a nuclear meltdown.  I thought I was going to lose my shit tonight.  Thank God my mother in law was here to give me a break because I was about to do something that I was not going to be proud of tomorrow.  I guess we all go thru those moments as a parent where we want to rip our hair out, right?  I'm just glad this night is over!

So, let me get to giant mistake I made. I switched meds three weeks ago. I thought I was taking 450mg of said new medication. But I had a look at the prescription bottle today and it turns out that the pills are only 150mgs each, not 300. I've only been taking 200 mgs instead of 450. Ooops. I told the doc I would be up to 600mgs by my next appointment next week. Yikes. The horrible thing is that these drugs have been making me extremely nauseaous and give me horrible headaches and I'm not even taking close to the amount I'm supposed to be taking! What if I up the millegrams and it just gets worse? How the hell am I supposed to function as a good wife and mother when I can barely function as a human being??

Wish me luck!


  1. wishing you luck!
    and will stop being all whiney-assed about my little cold now too. geez, it's just a cold, but I've been a bit on the b#itchy side too. I just hate being all stuffed up though. ugh.

  2. I was given Trazadone about 4 years ago and its one of those "step-up" meds. I was horrible on the low dosages. Ill, sick, headaches, severe exhaustion. Every time I got still for 2 seconds, I was falling asleep. I was told to take it with breakfast, but after about 2 weeks, I was non-functional. I switched it (myself) to right before bed & while I didn't feel 100%, it did help ease the worst of it because I slept through some of it.

    I don't know what meds you're on, but perhaps a call to the doctor to see about taking it at a different time might help.

    The good news with mine was, once I got up to a full dose, I was fine and never had another problem. Hope it's the same for you!