Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The A thru Z of Me

Well, hello Again!!  I wish I could say that I was productive today, but nope! I accomplished next to nothing!  I have been feeling much better these last few days, but today was a little bit of a hiccup.  I was nauseous all afternoon and ended up napping, which I try never to do!  But I was oooh so ill! 

So let's have a little fun to pick us all up! What better way to have a good time then to talk about myself!! LOL.

A. age: 36.  As my wise friend Krista said today, don't let my immaturity fool you, I am actually 36 years old. 

B. bed size: King all the way.  And I am a bed HOG. Don't touch me when I'm trying to sleep, don't come on my side of the bed looking for snuggles. Cuz ooooh, you gonna get the ice, cold shoulder and a kick to the groin!

C. chore you hate:  I HATE laundry. I freakin' HATE folding and putting it away. And I've never hated it more than since I had children.  All those little, itty, bitty pieces of clothing, ACK!

D. dogs: I am not a dog person. Sorry!  I find dogs smelly no matter how often you clean them and I hate all the drooling! Ugh.  My inlaws (who live with us) have a 105lb boxer named Bagua and he just embodies everything I dislike in dogs.  Poor dogs. It's not their fault. I'm obsessed with smell!  Don't hate me, it's just who I am.

E. essential start to your day: My drugs!! LOL. No seriously, if I don't take my meds in the morning, you don't wanna mess with me. And breakfast. I gotta have breakfast or I'm just not a normal, functioning human being.

F. favorite color: Pink. I love pink!!  I'm a fan or yellow and orange as well, but who isn't?

G. gold or silver: Silver....or white gold. I think gold looks "cheap" on me.

H. height: 5'8".  I was once told this makes me an Amazon, but I'm actually the runt in my family. My Aunts, Uncles, cousins, siblings, Mom, everybody is taller than me.

I. instruments you play: I'm gonna go with nothing on this one. I used to be able to read music for piano but it has been years!

J. job title: just MOM right now.  When I am working I am a Divisional Sales Manager in charge of Capital Goods at Staples.

K. kids: 2 mind blowingly awesome boys aged 3 and 5.

L. live: Barrhaven, which is in the suburbs of Ottawa

M. maiden name: Ducharme. Growing up I wasn't fond of my name because I lived in mostly French communities with a French last name and didn't speak a lick of French.  Now my maiden name just makes me think of my Dad and I'm proud of it!

N. nicknames: does Mom count?  I've had the nickname Naughty Naner for years, but I'm trying desperately to shed it.

P. pet peeve: Oh, where to start?  It's not my fault, ok? I'm OCD!  Bad smells, people who don't use their turn signals while driving, nail clipping in public (yuck!), cars that take up two parking spots, when someone reads over my shoulder (oooh, I hate that!!!), television edited movies (I have been known to turn off a movie on tv, drive to the video store, buy it, come home and start it all over again cuz I'm so mad!!) , when people screw up their/there/they're, people who can only talk about themselves, when my FIL calls it WalmartS instead of Walmart (there is no S!!) Trekkies that just can't enjoy the new Star Trek movie for it's awesomeness, when people tell me a story and insist on telling me the ethnicity of the person they're talking about, (like it matters!), when my PVR misses taping the last two minutes of Fringe (NNNNooooooooO!!!!!!!) , when the garbage man throws my garbage cans all over my front yard, when the cashier hands you the coins on top of the bills and it makes you look like a tool when you try and put it away, when someone calls me at work and says, "someone called me from this number" (Do you realize that there are 20 people in this building right now?), people who sing along with the radio when I'm in the car, people who say a movie sucks before they even see it (this is directed at my brother who believes that Avatar is a shitty movie and yet refuses to watch it), people who drive like a distracted moron because they are on their cell phones (I wish you could call the cops for this like you can with drunk drivers), getting out of the shower and realizing I've forgotten to get a towel (DAMN!),  ....MY GAWD, am I an asshole?   I always feel bad when people ask me what my pet peeves are because I can go and on and on and I begin to realize how awful I really am!!! Ugh. 

Q. quote: "You don't have to be the PERFECT parent. You simply have to be GOOD ENOUGH."

R. righty or lefty: righty.

S. siblings: that's complicated. I have a brother, a half brother, a half sister and a step sister. But I call them all brother or sister cuz I don't care how I came about them, they're all mine!!

T. time you wake up: are the kids awake?  I hate getting up early, but I'm usually more chipper in the morning than I am in the afternoon.

U. university attended: Carleton University in Ottawa

V. vegetables you dislike: I don't like any vegetable that you cook til it's all mushy like squash or turnip. I hate the baby food consistency, bleck!

W. what makes you run late: Ooooh, I am very rarely late! (it's that damn OCD again). Being late makes me all panicky. If I am late, it's usually someone else's fault like the kids or hubby.  And oooh, am I grumpy when I'm late!

X. x-rays you’ve had: most recently it would be my elbow. I had a drunken episode while in Cuba (that damn Tara!) and I had to have it checked out when I got back to Canada. I didn't break it, but I did have to have a cortisone shot to get rid of the chronic pain.  Lesson learned!

Y. yummy food: Lebanese is my all-time fav.

Z. zoo animal favorite: the killer whales at MarineLand!  I never get tired of that show. My favourite part is when they release the seals into the water with the killer whales and then everyone laughs as the killer whale chases it know, cuz it's normally FOOD!  "This time I'm gonna catch that f**ker!"

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  1. I LOVED reading this!! And I must and I are an awful lot alike... ;)
    Thanks for posting a little something fun and random. Makes the day a bit brighter. :)
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Melissa (Mo)