Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Insomnia is the Worst!

I've taken a dozens of different anti depressants over the years and I must admit that almost all of them cause insomnia.  Some are guiltier than others, I will say that much. This new drug I'm taking, Manerix, is horrible for the insomnia. Almost every night I am awake for at least an hour, if not two or three. Unable to sleep, I come downstairs and read a book or check out Facebook to pass the time. I dim the back light on my lappy so that it's not too bright in here. Sometimes I will have a sleepytime tea or I'll warm up some milk and drink that. I HATE WARM MILK, but when you're desperate, you're desperate. I chug it while plugging my nose! LOL.

I hate having insomnia. I hate it because it makes me so tired during the day. Insomnia always begins the vicious nap cycle. I have insomnia so I'm tired during the day. Inevitably I will take a nap (usually in the morning). But because I nap, I have a hard time falling asleep at night or staying asleep for any length of time.  And so the vicious cycle starts again.  My therapist once told me to never, ever nap unless I was actually sick. But I'm so freakin' tired!!

I'm a good girl and I listen to my sleep hygiene which says I can't stay in bed if I'm not sleeping. But I miss my bed right now. I want to be asleep more than anything!!!

I'll give it another half hour or so, but then I'm outta here and back into my snuggly bed!

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