Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 9 Nine Loves

Day 9 is upon us! And I don't have much time to finish this post before I head out for dinner with my good friend Shelley!  So here goes...

1. I love my first born. He's funny and energetic. He's got adorable blue eyes and loves to be smothered in kisses. He's independent and yet loves to sit with him momma! He's my "big guy"!

2. I love my youngest. He's and adorable little bundle of energy! He's feisty and hilarious. He's uber-cute and I love to take pictures of him sleeping!!

3. I love my husband. He's supportive to a fault. He puts up with my shit with not much complaint. He's a great Dad and a great husband. He's one of those rare guys that every woman wants but rarely finds!

4. I love Coach purses!! I'm a purse snob! I don't own one but I swear I will have one before I turn 40!

5. I love walking in the woods! I love spending time in nature with my kids. I love their curiosity about the things around them and I love teaching them about the different animals and plants. I love feeding the birds with them!

6. I love the city I live it. Barrhaven is beautiful. There are tons of things to do, tons of paths to walk on, and tons of friendly people to hang out with. I love my neighbours!  All of them! Some of them cook for me, one of them introduced me to Pampered Chef and several of them have the most adorable little babies!! It's a perfect place to live.

7. I love to eat out at restaurants. I hate cooking for myself so it as a real treat when I get to go out with a friend and have dinner. I can't wait for Shelley to call so we can go somewhere; anywhere! Anywhere where I don't have to cook it or clean up after it! Awesome!

8. I love to read. I love to escape into a book and forget about how complicated life can be.  Right now I am reading The Girl Who Played With Fire and have heard that this series is really awesome. So far, so good.

9. I love my garden!! Everyone that reads my blog knows that! My garden is my passion. I hate digging in the dirt and I hate getting dirty, but I sure do love the end results!!

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  1. I also love eating out at restaurants! This is such a sweet post.